Six Seasons

珍惜拥有的一切 当它依然还在你身边 现在才了解 已过一光年 人为何总要失去挚爱才会懂得去学会 ........(书签) song

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Last saturday was a fruitful day at the expo...drowned in the excellent voices of 优客李林... One word could describe 林志炫's voice: Excellent. I managed to recorded some of their very nice songs. Perhaps we should only focus on their voices, not the quality of the image, becos for some of the songs, i literally used my fone as the 荧光棒 and the image is shaking all over ... unfortunately i missed the chance to record their most famous song, 认错 becos my fone ran out of battery..totally flat. but nonetheless, i managed to record ard 12 songs in total. Here they are:



不知所措; a hit during in the early 1990s

Ocean Deep

多情种 1st verse



离人; i feel that this was the best song of the evening, most touching and meaningful

说不出的告别; an excellent song too. and one of my favorites at the ktv


出嫁; a duet in which they sang wif 张清芳 around 15 years ago

Just for you
Considering that they started singing in 1991, but i knew most of their famous songs, and i was one of those few 'old folks' who raised up their hands when we were asked who actually 'grew up' with them all the way from Back at work on sunday morning, to convince myself that i am not so OLD afterall, i told my students that i went for their concert and started playing the aboved videos for them to listen, but few of them actually knew any of their songs..... and the common response they gave was : 'GENERATION GAP'.. Perhaps i am reali no longer young :'(


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