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Friday, October 10, 2008

Video by NYP-2 Sep 08

Glad that i managed to get the video up.

Thanks NYP-2 who took the effort to make this video, and i haf to admit that this was the 1st class to give me a video as a present.

Actually many times i broke into laughter while watching the video, after seeing how some people tried to impersonate me. Ahem. and my favourite 'irritating' gestures and words. It does remind me of myself as a student when i always did the same to my teachers then, and it never failed to cause my class mates then to burst into laughter. I dunno whether she had impacted my teaching style so much somehow and whenever i talk about how i teach my students to my secondary school classmates, they would always say that they felt a sense of "Deja Vu" and i was reali so like her in my approach towards my students...

Here it is, the video:

Heard something unpleasant from my cousin recently at the wake of my uncle's father in law, that my secondary school history teacher is down with cancer. Sincerely wish her well, though i was one of her 'favourite' student whom she kept scolding or marked down in her 2 years teaching me history back then, and finally seeing me getting an A1 in the subject. I haf to say that she did affect me to a certain extent, in the sense i learnt from her the importance and skill of 'answering to the question and relating an answer to the question' which probably allowed me to succeed and scored A+ in my 'arts' subjects like Sociology, Chinese History and Literature, and A for Human Resource Management which i studied in my varsity days. No one would ever expect an Engineering Student to score well for those subjects, especially for someone like me who used to score C5 for General Paper and in the Band C in my English Classes back during my JC days.

Work is getting more and more hectic. Hopefully new people will come and relief our busy schedules and dun play us out. I believe each and every persons presence and contribution will be valued and one would be idiotic to try to chase someone away, because the loss of one person will imply the shit eventually falls back to the left overs, US.


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