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Saturday, May 24, 2008

TP1 - 14 Apr - 23 May 08

Yesterday marked the end of my 5th complete batch of ITE/Poly Training, with a fun filled graduation ceremony. My class is non other than TP1.

This batch, like any of my other previous batches, is definitely filled with memorable people and events. They had created history, in terms of their performance:

This batch produced the best results in their examinations in my entire history teaching ITE/ Poly students. With 5 students and 6 students filling the top 10 positions in their mid term and final term examinations respectively, and their performance were way above the 'national average' for both. That, for me is definitely something which was very hard to come by, from the very fact that TP is the only institution which grades the module on a pass/fail basis. The good results produced showed that many of the students truly and authentically want to do well, and put in the effort for the course. I was touched.

The students also set a record for the "Best Troubleshooting" Team during their shift work. With a record of 58 minutes to solve a relatively difficult troubleshooting scenario in a given time limit of 90 mins, with minimal help from us (they beat the technicians from ExxonMobil FLAT). Based on past history, the timing students usually took approximately 85 minutes to solve the problems with significant guidance from us. The teamwork and analytical skills demonstrated were impressive.
Taken on commencement of finale night shift: 8pm (All Still looked refreshed)
Taken at the end of their finale night shift (7am): 21 x shagged faces

Evidences of those culprits who 'tau-pokked' me....

forced to act cute---wat was i doing??

Recalled my "Charles Law Angels" and "3 Muskerteers" from NP3 and SP1? For this batch, I have 6 "Nosy Tissue Angels" Check out their pose, I can't help but to give a loud bursting laugh upon seeing dat pic. They are the 1st people whom i see to cover their noses with tissue paper to prevent their dear noses from sun burns during practical trainings....

Was very comforted to receive a hand made card once again. and also a Mickey Mouse Towel, because they remembered i told them my story that my towel was ever stolen by students....the contents in the card were bitter-sweet. Sweet from those people whom i successfully reached out to. bitter from the otherwise. i had long accepted the fact that i can never please everyone in my life, but to think that those people that i had gone after this batch never truly understand my intentions, and the person whom i spent the most time counselling went missing, in less than 15 minutes after the end of the ceremony. I don't expect anything of material value in return, There was not even a sincere word of 'good bye'. Perhaps to this student, the most important task to pass the course has been accomplished after i received the person's phone call one day before the ceremony, and thats all. I can't help but to feel that the bridge was torn down immediately after the person had crossed the river. I was truly disappointed.

Check out the final pics taken with the class

i am reali clueless how this idea came about from the students!

Good times had to come to an end. At this time of uncertainty, I reali haf no idea about the future of ITE/Poly training or even the fate of my workplace. Perhaps TP-1 may be my finale batch of Student training. Though physically, emotionally draining, and perhaps to some people, it may seem like a shit job to handle students since ITE/Poly training is 吃力不讨好. But it is only through the long time frame of training when u build the bond with your students and watch them grow and mature which provides the sense of accomplishment and joy from the job.

To TP-1: Wish you all successes in all your future challenges!


Blogger -x.]] *_. s hi r l ee nn said...

you takecare too yahs! ^^
hahas. dont forget the TP1 class date this coming wed night! (: venue and timing will confirm with you again. =)

cyas SOON! :D

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cptc gave me some of the best times in my life.

the sun really could kill,
but firefighting time sure did made up for it. LOL

its sad that the later batches of students may not get to experience it anymore! =(

gd luck to ur future endeavours and take care!

*graduated nyp.oct.07*

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Yuhan said...

Cher, I was so touch after reading ur blog... I want to cry but no tears... I miss CPTC...

10:48 PM  

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