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Monday, June 05, 2006


Job hunting has been tiring. No doubt it has given me the opportunity to improve on my interview skills and also to read up on other companies and industries, I could not help but to feel 'sian' cos of the boring preparation work required for each interview. So, to give myself a break, i have stopped looking for jobs for the past 3 weeks. So basically i'm depending on the results of the interviews that i have been going over the past month even up till today. Hopefully I'll manage so get some good offers :)

Juz finished my tuition wif a student at 2pm today. and i'm suddenly reminded of all my tuition students and also my camp students from PRSS and FTPSS. All my tuition students do not haf good exam grades (if not i'll be out of job), quite a number of my camp students oso did not haf good grades. Well, perhaps i could provide them wif some encouragement using my own life story.......

I tink i'm one of the very few who is willing to share my University grades online. the university uses a CAP system (cumulative point average) to indicate our performances (5 = highest, 0 = lowest) for every semester. obviously, i did not do well in the 1st 2 years, and it is damaging enuff to affect the degree which i'll be graduating with.

Note that in the 1st year, my results were poor, but not rock bottom. the reason is becos we are all adapting to a new system, and it is inevitable that we could not adjust in such short period of time (at least for me). thus it is natural to start everything poorly, becos we are all in a process of experimenting the best studying method to suit the system.

My results reached rock bottom in the 2nd year (sem3, 4). I dare to admit that i was heavily addicted to online gaming during that period, to the extent that i reali neglected my work. the impact is great and it is reali the darkest period of my undergraduate career. To make a committment, it usually involve sacrifices and it is usually after the sacrifices that we can haf the time to fully concentrate on one thing. For me, it's the unwillingness to give up online gaming that brought my disaster.

My results only started to make a jump from the 3rd year onwards. i tink the guiding principle that stayed wif me throughout those 2 years would be the "Never Say Die" attitude. I would say that I would have given up at the end of yr2 if i did not persist and wake up my F****** idea. Apart from that, i would also owe the results to my frens and teachers who are willing to lend a helping hand to me and also the faith in myself that i can make a difference in myself if i want to. I hope i will be grabbing on this guiding principle and continue to uphold it when i enter the working world.

I noe this post sounds EXTREMELY NOSEY AND BORING but i hope that people can get some insights out of this to benefit themselves.


Blogger 寶寶 said...

hahaz it's so incredible that you were a game addicted before :P
i think u've made a great difference to your study life...mine at 1st sem is 3.08 and at the last sem is 3.50 and the total gpa is oni 3.12..onli 0.04 jumped from the start :S
btw, dun think that this posted is not interesting. in my opinion i think it's one of ur blog that is very interesting :D

6:48 PM  
Blogger YY said...

as for that I got the job already...I'm now suffering with the probation period...loads of book to read each many things to learn each day...can say that work life is not much different to study life...sighz...anyway fighting!!! to both of you...

5:59 PM  

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