Six Seasons

珍惜拥有的一切 当它依然还在你身边 现在才了解 已过一光年 人为何总要失去挚爱才会懂得去学会 ........(书签) song

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The diamond from a different perspective

NUS open was juz over last weekend. No doubt both me and tweety were present at the field on both days, but we were there on longer players, but spectators. This was the 1st time i could reali sit down and watch the finals of the game becos in the past, we were players who were always stuck at the 3rd/4th placing game fighting for victory, and now we are already graduated. perhaps this reflects another theory of life: 天下无不散之宴席, which literally means that there's no neverending feast. yes. it's time that i gotta move on in my life, towards new goals and objectives.

P.S: To the softballers, all the best in the coming National League.


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