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珍惜拥有的一切 当它依然还在你身边 现在才了解 已过一光年 人为何总要失去挚爱才会懂得去学会 ........(书签) song

Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Academic History

Dunno y, my this group of students seemed to be reali keen to know my academic background.

So perhaps i should juz introduce myself more on that aspect.

Primary School: Corporation Primary School

The school crest bears the motto ‘Be Diligent and Helpful’, believing that diligent pupils know their work well and should always help those who need assistance.

The School Song

To the school with a passion to learn and live
Where our thoughts are evermore
Be proud of Corporation Primary School
To her we’ll always be true

Raise the banner of our motto
Be diligent and be helpful
Look up to our dear school
Whose aim we will uphold


That was the school compound which i spent 6 years of my primary school education in. Now it's already dilapidated and literally 人去楼空. Remember those great days which me, as a kid, with my other childhood friends were playing games like

"ABC" - some games which we had to jump platforms on stairways, which we find extremely enjoyable.

"zero point" - i used to be an expert in the game as it reali puts our 'jumping' skills to a test. i bet if i were to play this game at this age of mine, either my back will break or i will end up getting a slip

"Pepsi Cola 123" - a kind of game which we need to step on our opponent's legs to eliminate them from the game and the team which managed to survive till the end will be declared the winner.

"AEIOU" - some kind of game which the "pasang" guy will shout the 5 letters and the opponents were not allowed to move after he turns back. after which he will try to distract you and once u started laughing or moving, u'll be eliminated.

"Catching" - i believe this game is familiar to everyone.

"crocodile" - team game somewhat similar to "catching", just that no one is allowed to place their feet on the all need to climb everywhere like

"5 stones" - most shld be familiar with this game too...the unique part is that me, being a right hander, plays this game left handed. and not many were able to beat me in the game! lol....put ur horse come here to challenge me if you want...haha....

"Brick game" and the "rainbow band" - were the 'hot items' of my kiddy generation then that almost everyone will have in their hand...if you know what i'm talking about, we belong to the same generation....

Secondary School: Clementi Town Secondary School

The lost memorable school days of my life which played a great role to shape my present self today. Thanks to my teachers who have impacted me positively. The familiar classrooms which we spent 4 years in. The friendships and bonds built which remained strong even until today. It was a blessing, and i believe more, is fate, that i did not do well in my PSLE which landed me in CTSS to know my great buddies and of course, xy. It was complacency which caused my downfall for the PSLE, and it was thru that lesson which taught me the importance of humbility and consistent diligence in studies in order to achieve success. Being no.1 at a point of time does not mean that you are no.1 forever. Remember that.

Again, i still remember the melody of this school song. But, the melody and lyrics does make my hair stand, even after i have graduated from the school for more than 1o years. I shan't comment further.

College: Jurong Junior College

College Song

The road unwinds before us
And we must venture on
Towards the bright tomorrow
Which faith and hope enthrone.

We shall not stay nor linger
We shall not shrink nor fail
But hand in hand together
Strike out along the trail.

Head, heart and hand we offer
That none will fail the test
"Plus Ultra" leads us further
Until we are the best.

And on our backs the armour
Forged in our college days
And in our eyes the light of truth
This college sets ablaze.

Yes....I oso do remember the melody of this college song, and the meaning of Plus Ultra = this far and farther.....

Good 2 years spent in the college with great teachers, friends and nor forgetting my Softball Team mates. Thanks to all my teachers who have dedicated their teachings which enables my name to be engraved in the college walls forever. Not those kind of vandalised marks on walls by my students on what Ms L _ _ which they always disturbed me

Varsity: National University of Singapore

That is not a school. To me, it's just a commercial entity. I have ranted about it more than enough..check out my 05 and 06 posts and u'll know more about this WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITY wannabe. But to my gang of friends of ChBE CN4 06, u r the reason y i still have feelings for the university :), also the Softballers :)


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