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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Names continued

The previous post inevitably brought back some other memories of names of which were laughed lots at among us. I recall during my Uni days when we talked about this chinese by the name of 郭万龙 (Kok Wan Long), which simply means thousands of dragons. sounds like a masculine and POWERFUL name though.

There was one occasion when he was in US when he fell sick and needs to go and see a doc. As usual he registered his name and waited for his turn for consultation. When the nurse calls out his name, there was a sudden commotion about his identity and everyone was searching for this person, when he finally stood up and walked towards the consultation room, everyone, especially the women, was looking at him with awe and eyes wide.

Guess what did the nurse say?

Nurse: WAN LONG KOK (since the westerners like to call people by their given name followed by their surname), you may go in to see the Doctor.

You understand y the commotion????

Lesson Learnt: even if you dun intend to give your child a christian name, think twice too, before you give him/her a name, make sure it dun mean anything else bad in any language in any permutation.....which may result in him living in shame and embarassment for the rest of his/her life...


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