Six Seasons

珍惜拥有的一切 当它依然还在你身边 现在才了解 已过一光年 人为何总要失去挚爱才会懂得去学会 ........(书签) song

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Relaxing Weekend

I finally got a well deserved break to recharge myself after months of hectic work.

Nothing special but juz simply a beach resort stay over at Pulau Bintan, Indonesia.

I would have to say that it's a good place for me to put what i've learnt into practice, and it seems that the locals could understand my kurang lancar Bahasa, which was a mini consolation. I do hold quite a good impression of Indonesians from this visit. Locals there are generally very polite, soft spoken, friendly and warm. It gives me a good reason y i should visit Indonesia again in the future.

Here are some of the pictures taken:


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