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Friday, November 10, 2006

Arrogant, Proud and "Molested"

Today is the graduation of the Sept 06 batch of ITE students. Unfortunately i wasn't around at their graduation ceremony to share their joy. It was kinda fate that i got to know this group of 13 ITE students, though they are not from my form class, but we got the chance to work together during their 5 day shift training. I never had negative impression of ITE students, mainly becos both of my elder sisters graduated from there, so i understand that ITE students are not necessarily as ill disciplined and unruly as how the majority of the society perceived to be. Most of the students from this group, i would say, in my opinion, had done themselves and ITE proud, and i dare to say that some of them even possess better attitude towards learning than some polytechnic students despite the fact that most of them are relatively slower learners; i respect them for that.

Had a casual chat wif some of the students yesterday, i was rather surprised that some of the students from other classes started to talk to me also.......actually they all had this impression of me up till their shift training begins:

I was being labelled as being 'arrogant and proud' looking by the ITE students. becos i neva had the chance to interact with them, so i neva smile at them nor spoke to them. and apparently they said that i always put on a 'black face'. they even told me that when they heard that i was assigned to be one of their trainer during the shift training, they got rather worried as they all thought that i would be a very fierce and stern trainer.

So do u think their judgement of me changed after their shift training???

ITE Shift training Team 2 (taken after the final night of shift training)
Top row: Izwan; Azuan; Ibrahim; Lu Wei; Teng How; Jarvis
Middle Row: Jieying; Shihan; Shanshan; Siti Nada; Siti Nura
Bottom Row: myself and my 2 wonderful team mates
Was pretty traumatised by the following experience, when one of the student 强吻 me before they go home on the last nite of shift training....Just check out my expression....It was the 1st time a guy ''kisses me'......i am optimistic that he is only trying to be playful, and am glad that at least students do not hate me...hehez.

Best wishes to this grp of students. So long as u can continue to display your neva give up and keen interest to learn attitude, i'm sure you will be able to lift your heads high in the society, and successes will surely prevail. So what if you all are from ITE??? IT'S definitely NOT THE END.

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