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珍惜拥有的一切 当它依然还在你身边 现在才了解 已过一光年 人为何总要失去挚爱才会懂得去学会 ........(书签) song

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Had a great karaoke experience wif Klin on fri nite at Cuppage. It has been long ever since i last sang at the main hall. fortunately, no singers that day was tone deaf, and surprisingly, some pple sang quite well dat day. but was 疲劳轰炸 by 杨丞琳's 《暧昧》。 dunno y many pple like to sing her song.....initially wanted to sing Jay Chow's 《枫》..cos i've yet to sing it at ktv, though i knew dat song is very hard to sing, but so unlucky that some Ah lians decided to sing dat song juz right b4 me, so in the end, i did not sing it cos i do not wanna 'repeat' the song.....noticed this 'single' lady at the ktv (in green). she started singing alone at the main hall at ard 9pm. for about 2 hr+, she was alone without any companion.....honestly, i would not choose to go ktv alone....i would rather sing alone at home, rather than going to a initially, actually quite 'pity' her...for being such a lonely single having to go ktv alone....but juz b4 i left, his bf came..apparently she waited for 2hr+ for her bf!
the WCU has decided to raise its membership fees by another 10% from the next semester onwards i today's softball trainings, my team mates (esp ShengW and Lio) were quite surprised that i did not complain abt the issue and stage an uproar.....cos most of them feel that i'm the most vocal person in the team in complaining abt the WCU. but i didn't reali complain lar.....cos it doesn't reali concern me cos i'll be graduating soon!!! so gd luck to all my juniors.....who will have to pay more money to feed ur dear whoevers, build new buildings to replace those buildings used only for less than 5 years, and to maintain the aircon on whoever corridors even on sundays, and for them to rent the world's most high class servers which will have a high tendency to jam during certain days due to the irrational behavior of students all attempting to log into watever server at the same time :s


Anonymous Ah Jay's admirer said...

hehe juz notice that we wrote about the same song in the latest updated, Jay Zhou's realli popular then ^O^
...被伤透的新能不能够继续爱我?呵呵 :P
Btw, I think I posted before you ar~

2:58 AM  

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