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珍惜拥有的一切 当它依然还在你身边 现在才了解 已过一光年 人为何总要失去挚爱才会懂得去学会 ........(书签) song

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Early Valentine/ Friendship Day

Going to be very busy over the coming week, so i decided to post this friendship Day wishes to my fellow classmates presently. Having been together for almost 4 years, in a few more months, we will all be pursuing our dreams in different paths. Mk did suggest whether i wanna chip in a share to buy "roses" for the 两粒叶子楣 of my class....... i said no, cos i haf prepared a gift for all in a more special way....a song of my own. But i reali haf no time to record this song into a tangible piece of music. So i'll just be posting its lyrics for the moment.

I attempted to summarize our lives as undergraduates over the 1st 3 years of studies. the 4th yr was omitted cos we rarely take same modules due to each of our specializations. If u belong to my class NUS/ChE 2002/2003 CN4, perhaps u will be interested to guess which professors/ tutors i've mentioned in the song.......

Title: i'll be there for you----By Me

夜深的时候 我还在为梦想拼搏


四年的生活 就这样匆匆地度过





临别的时候 让我为你唱一首

记得我 记得我 当你失意的时候


记得我 记得我 当你快乐的时候

我们的笑声能够 引起全场轰动

记得我 记得我 如果你有些感动

别烦恼 别忧愁

Because i will be there for you

两位老公公 吃着鸡翅膀对我说


吉娃娃不丑 德士司机为它停留

连巴士车长手中也有 TERRYPHONE

还要习大雅, 在屋顶唱着他的歌


到 KATONG 吃 LAKSA 还得拜拜土地公

他常无意中 把我送入我梦中

记得我 记得我 当你失意的时候


记得我 记得我 当你快乐的时候

我们的笑声能够 引起全场轰动

记得我 记得我 如果你有些感动

别烦恼 别忧愁

Because i will be there for you

亲爱的朋友 我的歌你可听到否


我要求不多 只希望你会记得我

Remember I'll be there for you forever

Remember I'll be there for you for-ever

Happy Valentines Day to All!!!

Today will be a busy day......
Teaching tuition from 11am - 4pm, then gotta go Sim Lim Square to change a ram which i bought, which was founf to be incompatible wif my system......then later gotta go to sch in the evening to continue wif my Design Project!!!! on a sunday evening!!!!


Anonymous Laughingcow said...

Awww!! So are you going to sing this for us on Tuesday?? YAY!! :D

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Ai Ye said...

Touched... You actually made me read the whole chunk of Chinese and I understood it all! Can't to hear the song!

11:51 PM  
Anonymous Xueli said...

wowwww... *clap clap... thanks hongwei... k u sing it for us...!!?? =)

6:42 PM  
Blogger harky said...

Lazy to bring guitar to sch leh.

7:23 PM  

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