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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Honest Declaration

I reali haf to admit that i haf no talents for the 2 most popular sports in school. They are:

1) Basketball

2) Soccer

Apparently, I am so lousy in these 2 sports that i am pretty injury prone when playing these 2 sports. I played softball for almost 13 years and I rarely got sprains or other serious injuries (I hope so in the future too).

1) I remembered this date so clearly: 14th Feb 2001. Not because it was Valentine's Day and i had a very memorable day with someone i love. It was the day when I had a VIRGIN SPRAIN on my right ankle.

I was still in the army then. Many of my fellow company mates were out for Combat Survival Training. Yes, this was the course which a Sniper from my unit was dunked and later died because of pneumonia in 2003. I was excused for that particular one (which i made up for it in Aug 2001) because of "fate". I unintentionally failed the FFI (medical checkup) cos they detected blood in my urine for that particular test. So i stayed in camp with a few others who did not go for the course as well for watever reasons. So on Valentine's Day, 14th Feb 2001, I was conscripted to go and play basketball with these people. I have to honestly declare that I've played basketball for less than 20 times in my life, same as soccer. In less than 30 mins of the game, a bad landing from a jump caused my ankle to be badly sprained, and my right ankle turned into a pig's trotter within minutes of the accident. Because it was the VIRGIN SPRAIN, cos i've neva sprained my right ankle b4, it was extremely painful. Reported sick straightaway and got a bandage for my pig's trotter. The pain was so bad that it took me around 5 mins to walk from the lift to my bunk, which was around 50m walk, but i still REFUSED to walk with the help of clutches which KC offered me.

After that we had a nights off, i remembered so clearly that i 一拐一拐 walk to the KTV pub near my camp, which was around 300m of walking distance. I die die oso went becos then, nights off were such big deal to us, thanks to somebody.......We ordered Jugs of Tiger Beer and we sang and drank. After I went back to camp, tried hard to shower, i wanna sleep. But I was still ignorant the best has yet to come. I woke up in the middle of the night, not becos i got turned out by my commanders, but i was woken up by the intense pain on my ankle. My pig's trotter was aching so badly that i could hardly sleep after dat. It was only until some time later that i realised that when u have bone injuries, neva take beer!!! It's becos of its "cooling effect" or 良性 dat eventually causes the intense pain. As a result, i oni slept for around 3-4 hrs dat Valentines Day night.

2) I oso haf to admit that soccer is also not my forte. Knowing that i was so lousy at the game, I will always volunteer to be the bull defender for my team (see opponent gets ball, juz chase and tackle, see team mate get ball, juz continue to mark opponent cos i told them not to pass the ball to me right from the beginning......). During the army days, i will only join in the street soccer games if i was conscripted to play, but today i voluntarily played with my NUS Softball mates lar, assuming the same role i always had. I could miss the kick even if the ball is right in front of me....dats how lousy i am. Today after i went home, i then felt that my toe was in pain. Probably because i cooled down totally from the exercise. But i wasn't reali bothered by the pain and i still cycled my BMX power thigh trainer (cos the bicycle is super short --- suitable for people below the height of 1.6m, and the bicycle has no gear) to wk's place to 拜年. The pain then started to get worse and i even started having problems walking after dat. It was until i reached wk's house, sat down and took a closer look at my toe, then i noticed that it was swollen......sian 1/2....
I tink i've sprained my toe, dunno when and how i sprained it during the game. Felt abit loss oso..last time whenever i had sprains, i will always consult my 2nd uncle, who was a Chinese physician. But he passed away suddenly last year. Now i got no one to turn to. I need to look for alternative sources of physicians to treat my injury......

My childhood games revolve ard "harm Tham bola", "pepsi cola 123", "0 point", cycling around my neighborhood, and playing "fake baseball" at the open space near my void deck, catching or crocodile at playgrounds, gambling with my uncles and aunts partnering wif my mum. No soccer, no basketball. dats y i'm so lousy at them. Laugh at me if you want ba.....reverse psychology again =p


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