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Friday, February 17, 2006


Happen to discuss wif BB today about my past experiences in Thailand. I've been to Thailand. The 1st time i went to Thailand was in 1998, to Bangkok, 2nd time was in 2002, to Kanchanaburi. 3rd time was in 2005/2006 to Chiang Mai.

I would say both the 2nd and 3rd times were memorable in different ways. Cos i was sent to Thailand for 'enemy attachment' wif my NS company. It was memorable cos:

  1. I took C130 for the 1st time in my life. It's a super noisy, slow and uncomfortable army plane, which took 4 hrs to reach Thailand!
  2. Stayed at Sai Yuk camp. Everyday, we got to bathe in 'uncovered shower rooms'. In which there were no shower cubicles at all, we all bathe from a 'central pool' of water. So everyday all guys will get to 'parade' themselves each time they shower......
  3. My bunk was 夕照, which means that my bed will get to face the afternoon sun everyday. and somemore southern thailand is a super warm place. the bunk which i stayed in with the whole of my company of about 30 people, will get super warm once the sun rises from 9am onwards. I was super amazed to find my bed not only warm, but hot! even at 9pm at nite!!! one can imagine the degree of heat there......
  4. Frightening experience with Jenny......真是往事不堪回首........he's the coconut seller (yes, his name is called Jenny) whom i bought coconuts from everyday when i was there...cos cannot tahan the heat sia.... On the last night of stay at the camp, when i went to his stall again to buy coconuts to quench my body's heat. He suddenly spoke to me in his broken English in a very shy and (disgusting) manner.......saying that he wanna take a photo wif me.......i refused. Apparently, one of my buddy, mj was wif me at that time...we were like..extremely shocked.....worse still, the Jenny appeared to be like 羞答答 (shy like a gal)(pukez)....and all my frenz mocked at me the whole nite and the nx day morning after mj went back to 'broadcast' the issue....worst still, nx day morning, Jenny continued to be...羞答答..and apparently he went to tell all his frenz at the camp that...................and I began to feel extremely uncomfortable and intimidated and all his frenz seemed to look at me in a abnormal i din buy coconut from him that day, and apparently i got to hide myself to prevent getting spotted by him until i board the bus to leave the camp.........

our dear sauna bunk then

"Ninja Van" auntie frying rice on her pickup to sell to us!!

our bed at night during outfield exercises

when we were hungry, even 'maggie' mee is tasty!

the Death Railway constructed during the Japanese Occupation

Yum Seng Party on the last night before we go back to Singapore


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u sure anot???
WCU has made me aged alot.....
lost my muscles, radiance, gained more dark rings, eye bags, wrinkles, beer belly.........

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