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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cut/ Burnt

It's almost 6am in the morning, but i'm still wide awake......Not because I have nothing better to do. I wanted very much to sleep. However, I was woken up by the intense pain on my leg.......and as a result, i couldn't sleep.

During softball training earlier on in school, apparently my left leg was quite badly burnt due to abrasion when i attempted to slide/dive to catch a fly ball. I caught it. So what??? i regretted my decision somehow......and i am extremely unlucky to slide on a sandy patch which causes the usual, there wasn't much pain during the training itself. The effects will always set in after I've totally cooled down from the training.....after i went home.

The wound got pus-sy(pus started to accumulate) and it juz did not dry up. In the end i decided to make a painful decision to apply 青草油 on the wound. This medicine is well known to be a good disinfectant for cuts, but it also brings u unimaginable pain for the few minutes u first apply it. It took me a total of approximately 1 hour before i finished applying the ointment over the whole wound....because after i applied abit, i need to take a 'rest' for the pain to subside 1st before i continue to apply the ointment on another portion of the wound.

My painful experience did not end there. Few hours later, when i decided to go and bathe after supper, the 2nd round of intense pain sets in.....and i was totally "high" from the

Somehow the pain did not manage to subside totally and the wound still did not dry up completely, and it was so painful dat i couldn't sleep...dats why I'm awake now to blog abt it.....I've just applied another layer of 青草油, going thru another round of 'pain treatment', took a pain killer, and hopefully i can get to sleep soon....cos i need to teach later....lack of sleep will make me a very bad tempered person...........

from far

close up..
I've decided if by evening time today, things still dun get better, i will have to go and see a doc, to make sure that the wound isn't infected in any way.


Blogger 寶寶 said...

it's better to see a doc so soon ma ? your wound looks so scary >_<

5:25 PM  

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