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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I'm finally back at home. In fact I was rarely online for the past week cos i was so preoccupied with so many many things. Mainly becos i was given such a rare opportunity to drive my sister's car while she was overseas, so i took those precious time i had with the car to run as much errands as i could.

Another important thing that happened was that one of my secondary school classmate's dad passed away suddenly, all of us were alarmed and shocked by his death, and once again, i managed to meet up many of my ex classmates and team mates at the wake itself, and i, once again, can't help but to think "y muz we always meet under such conditions??"

Sunday was a meetup with some of our ex students (mine, and mainly jasmine's) and Dennis joined us too. I would say that this group of students are fun people, and I believe that they are really students that many teachers would want to have. Of course It was also Jasmine's heart for them which allowed her to be reciprocated with such rewards from her students, for wanting to see her off and arranging a gathering for her before she leave for further studies next week. And i sincerely wish her all the best in her studies for the next 2 years.

The day was ended with a bowling game...check out her socks...i almost fainted when i saw it:

This post was named becos of the change made to my life 2 days ago: I had officially said goodbye to spectacles after my lasik surgery on monday.

Thanks to KL for his good offer, which i managed to get from a SAFRA discount of nearly $300+ for the surgery.

For those who r keen to know how the surgery feels, here it goes:

before one can go for the surgery, he must go thru a suitability test and final evaluation to ensure that he is suitable to do the surgery: meaning that the eye is healthy, cornea is free from infection and the thickness is sufficient etc.

5 days before the surgery, one muz stop wearing contact lenses to ensure that the cornea is restored back to its original shape.

In the operating theatre:

numbing eye drop is dripped onto my eyes,

my eyes were kept opened by a 'clip' and eye drop was constantly dripped onto my eyes to keep them moist.

a 'suction' was started...if i'm not wrong, this procedure actually 'lifts the cornea' so that it is easier for thedoc to cut a flap on it. I was 'blinded for a few seconds. it's scary though.

this is the most scary part i tink, cos the doc then cuts a flap on my cornea and flipped it open, and i can physically feel the discomfort and my vision getting blurred when he flips my cornea over.

laser starts, but i did not smell and burning smell...maybe cos i was too engrossed in focusing onto the red dot to keep my eye in position.

laser stops and the doc closes back my cornea... and puts on the eye shield...and the process repeats for the 2nd eye...

in fact...everything only lasted for less than 15 mins....

After which i was escort to downstairs where my sis came to fetch me....i looked like an alien cos my eye shields were on in the was difficult as my cornea was swollen then, and my pupils were dilated, and cos of the anaesthatic, i could hardly open my eyes, and when i wanted to, i felt so painful cos of the glaring sun (cos my pupils were dilated). After i reached my sister's place, i juz took the sleeping pills and slept thru the day, and after i woke up, i knew that i could say goodbye to my specs :)

but the irritating part is that i cannot wash my face nor my hair for 1 week, so i could only get my hair washed at the salon instead, and clean my face using wet tissue

That's how silly i looked after the surgery..

I'd like to end this post with a song...which i feel that it's Vivian Hsu's best song she've ever sang in her career as a singer. Perhaps the title speaks what i hope to feel: to restore my 爱笑的眼睛 :)

Lastly, to the person who have always been waiting for me when i was not around for the past few days, I'm felt so sorry for not being able to talk to u for the past days. I hope that i can reali recover fast so i can stare at the computer longer as it's already not easy for me to stare at the screen to do this post already...


Blogger 寶寶 said...

i am sure that person is willing to wait awhile more to see you with a perfect eyesight so do have well recuperation and 早日康复


1:18 PM  
Anonymous YY said...

hey~get well soon...and thanz for detailed info on lasik operation...i was thinking of having one in the future...but after i read ur scared abit (T_T)...btw thanz again for ur B'day wish...

2:41 PM  

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