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Sunday, November 18, 2007

经典回顾 --- 王杰

I would to say that his marvellous songs had accompanied me thru my growing up days, ever since the mid 80s when i started to know this particular singer. Actually, many people of similar age grp as mine know him. and it is not difficult to find a kaki who knows how to sing his songs too. So dats how popular he was. How i also wish that he'll come to SG for a live concert...I will NOT HESITATE to purchase the tixs to support him!

How he looked about 20 years ago

20 years later........

Gonna post his Top 10 songs (in my opinion) here in random order. Some might sound unfamiliar though..of cos he got many other superb songs, but these r my extreme favourites. you know.... until today i would still sing them w/o much difficultly wif the lyrics!

All of them belong to the late 80s - early 90s time frame.












Anonymous yen said...

Haha, All these songs are my favourite too.

Guess we are both born in the same era.

Nice to know pple who share the same fan as me.

Last time , I started to go crazy over him since his first album.

1:35 PM  
Blogger harky said...

i've started to listen to his songs when i was in kindergarden wor. so it's probably not difficult to guess my age :p

10:07 PM  

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