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Monday, August 21, 2006

Food Chain

It has been years since i last ate Escargots, or I should say, it has been years since i had my last meal at Jacks Place, all becos I no longer eat beef, hence unable to taste its specialty, black pepper steak, another more important reason was that I always thought that dining at Jacks Place was extravagant for a student. But on sat, i decided to give it a go, to dine at Jacks Place wif my sisters, of which we all enjoyed the meal.

I suddenly got the urge to want to find out more about how meat is produced. So i visited youtube. I forced myself to finish watching the videos bravely, to know how much cruelty these animals faced throughout their life cycle. I was also reminded of the rule of survival:"Those animal die to keep us alive, so the law of survival says that since they die for us, we must make sure they do not suffer when they die", but it seems that the concept of demand, supply, and revenue had drowned the minds of man......

I truly believe in karma..perhaps it was due to men terrible treatment to these animals that they are retaliating in terms of MAD COW DISEASE, BIRD FLU etc. To me, I would certainly think twice before deciding to throw any piece of meat away, becos by doing that, u have already wasted their lives into the garbage bin, and they have suffered their lives in vain, only to know that people waste their meat away. Be brave, face the reality, finish watching these videos.

I thank the producers of the videos for sharing them with the world.


Blogger 寶寶 said...

...poor lives for a cruel creature who difines itself a human :S
...really sad and pity them being slain...

12:38 AM  

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